Diving Course in Hurghada


PADI Side Mount Speciality Course 



– 3 days
– 4 dives on the Boat 

(1 day dives in confident water/swimming pool)

To explore the underwater world, it is not necessary to always carry the diving
the bottle on your back.
Many divers found that it was more convenient for them to carry their diving bottle (s) to the side.
For this, " sidemount diving" offers you more flexible options and options to improve your streamlined
shape. In addition, you don't have to walk around with heavy diving bottles on your back.
You can simply step into the water, attach the bottle (s), and off you go.
Are you interested?
Then register with us for a PADI special course, “Sidemount Diving”.
If you are already a PADI Open Water Diver and at least 15 years old,
then you can take part in a PADI specialty course " Sidemount diving"
As part of the many advantages of diving with a sidemount configuration, you will learn the following
during a dive in " Confined Water"- that means:
in a swimming pool or a restricted and protected area in open water
and in 3 open-water dives:
◦ To correctly assemble and configure diving equipment for sidemount diving
◦ trim your weight system and diving equipment, to find the perfect balance underwater
◦ If 2 bottles are carried:
switching from the one-second stage of your regulator to the other-second stage.
This is how you can manage your breathing gas supply.
◦ To respond properly to potential problems when diving sidemount


– Dive equipment
– Dive instructor
– Lunch
– Drinks (coffee, tea, water and soft drinks)
– Transfer from hotel inside Hurghada to dive center and back


– Manual & certification (€ 75,-)
– Transfer from hotel in Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Sahl Ha Sheesh and El Gouna (up to 4 persons € 15,-)


The diving courses start all the season

contact us by email or WhatsApp to book the days



All you need the start the diving course is a good heath.

Please fill out this PDF form:
> Medical Statment for Divers